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        I had to do it. Through the Mopar blood, I had to see if anyone remembers that
        big-block Super/Stock Chevelle “Cathy’s Clown” (circa 1971?)
        Also, “Boss-A-Nova”, a 69′ Nova (D/MP?).
        OK, a Ford too. The “DeFonce” family out of Yorktown, with a 66′ Mustang (D/G).
        Dino, you had to remember them (greenish-blue fastack) (circa, 1970).
        ,,,And of course a Mopar, “Tritak Performance” out of Jersey, with one of the many cars they had.
        And Bobby S. One for you,,, Billy Russell in the G/G 56′ Chevy wagon?, that he drove on the
        And Storm King (BK2),,,,,,,Kerhonskon Tire,,Not a car, just tires and wheels 😀
        PC,,,Sara Palin in biking shorts,,OH MY 😯


            On it …Defonces Automotive..On rear quarters of Joe Demarzo’s PINK 😮 and purple wagon .. look familiar? lettered it too long ago ?



                Three words…Palin twenty twelve.


                    Kerhonkson Tire, I can’t remember his last name, but Jay’s father ran the tire shop. He ( Jay ) had a 383 Road Runner, he used to come by Park Motors in Newburgh, NY. Gave me a real good deal on a set of Anson Wheels & G60-15’s for my Super Bird. Good kid, lost track of him when we moved to Tenn. Anybody know if they are still in business.


                        How ’bout some photos of these cars ?



                            Billy Russell was at the race with Rich Head,
                            He had a ball at the race and seeing friends,
                            I remember meeting Billy on sunday and going to the garage where he had the Nomad parked
                            hook up the tow bar and go and have fun.

                            Bobby S.


                                Bobby S,
                                Nice to see your back…
                                Scary thought. Billy Russell used to come to our house back in 68/69 with the wagon, with his wife and baby. I used to fill the baby bottle with fresh milk before they left. That child is now, 41/42. I wonder if the bottle needs re-filling with the famous H & H Racing Gasoline.
                                What did Billy run in that wagon, a bored out 283 to 292 c.i.???? I do remember the interior somewhat gutted, and the car sounding like tin-rattling when he took off. Burn-outs in front of our house. Not sure if you remember, but Rose Drive was exactly 1/4 mile long, and had a shut-down area equivalent to Dover. Only difference, Dover had a sand-hill at the end, and we had a stone-wall (which didn’t move 😮 )
                                Hope all is well,

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