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    I had to do it. Through the Mopar blood, I had to see if anyone remembers that
    big-block Super/Stock Chevelle “Cathy’s Clown” (circa 1971?)
    Also, “Boss-A-Nova”, a 69′ Nova (D/MP?).
    OK, a Ford too. The “DeFonce” family out of Yorktown, with a 66′ Mustang (D/G).
    Dino, you had to remember them (greenish-blue fastack) (circa, 1970).
    ,,,And of course a Mopar, “Tritak Performance” out of Jersey, with one of the many cars they had.
    And Bobby S. One for you,,, Billy Russell in the G/G 56′ Chevy wagon?, that he drove on the
    And Storm King (BK2),,,,,,,Kerhonskon Tire,,Not a car, just tires and wheels 😀
    PC,,,Sara Palin in biking shorts,,OH MY 😯

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    On it …Defonces Automotive..On rear quarters of Joe Demarzo’s PINK 😮 and purple wagon .. look familiar? lettered it too long ago ?


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    Three words…Palin twenty twelve.

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    Kerhonkson Tire, I can’t remember his last name, but Jay’s father ran the tire shop. He ( Jay ) had a 383 Road Runner, he used to come by Park Motors in Newburgh, NY. Gave me a real good deal on a set of Anson Wheels & G60-15’s for my Super Bird. Good kid, lost track of him when we moved to Tenn. Anybody know if they are still in business.

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    How ’bout some photos of these cars ?

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    Billy Russell was at the race with Rich Head,
    He had a ball at the race and seeing friends,
    I remember meeting Billy on sunday and going to the garage where he had the Nomad parked
    hook up the tow bar and go and have fun.

    Bobby S.

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    Bobby S,
    Nice to see your back…
    Scary thought. Billy Russell used to come to our house back in 68/69 with the wagon, with his wife and baby. I used to fill the baby bottle with fresh milk before they left. That child is now, 41/42. I wonder if the bottle needs re-filling with the famous H & H Racing Gasoline.
    What did Billy run in that wagon, a bored out 283 to 292 c.i.???? I do remember the interior somewhat gutted, and the car sounding like tin-rattling when he took off. Burn-outs in front of our house. Not sure if you remember, but Rose Drive was exactly 1/4 mile long, and had a shut-down area equivalent to Dover. Only difference, Dover had a sand-hill at the end, and we had a stone-wall (which didn’t move 😮 )
    Hope all is well,

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