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        Well, I’m here. I’ve been hoping for a site like this for some time and glad to see Dino trying to do it justice.
        Just a quick bit about who I am; my family raced at Dover from 1963 until about 1977. We also raced at Lebanon, Island, Connecticutt, etc, but Dover was “home”.
        We started in ’63 with my Mom’s ’59 D-500 four door dodge. Our Dad encouraged us drag racing as a family as a way to keep us boys from racing on the street.
        We raced the first year in D/SA and had one competitor in that class all year, Bill Rudd. He won every single weekend except one, when he had to go to a wedding and we soloed for the class win!
        The following year we bought a max wedge ’64 dodge and ran S/SA and did very well with it. We met “Doc” Burgess who ran a ’64 Plymouth with a street wedge in it. He told us he was ‘coming after us’ for the following year. We were pretty blown away when he showed up with the “Black Arrow” which was his car from day one, never Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins’. Bill built the motor and ran the car at events when Doc coouldn’t take time frm his work.
        In ’68 we bought the “Black Arrow” from Doc Burgess, and then a clone of it in facotry trim to run S/S again. We went to Pro Stock from it’s inception until the Chrysler boycott of the class. Dad and I ran our max wedge and a ’67 Hemi four speed GTX for a season or two more, but drag racing had become just a bracket race after that with factoring and class restructuring all so the Chevy’s could win some races. We quit racing thereafter and I didn’t set foot on a drag strip for years, when I finally came back it was on a bike, ending a coouple of years ago on a turbo nitrous funny bike, running 7 flat at 192 mph.
        Now I’m building a ’66 Dart stretched nose door slammer funny car, and a mid engined ’27 T like the old speed sport roadster.


            Welcome aboad the Dover Train…Its only been up for 2 days ! More surprises & updates to come ..check back often…………………………..”dino”

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