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        For any body that did not get to see us at the show we will have Chevamoco at 131 raceway park in Michigan the 11 and 12 sept weather permitting


            Also thanks to everybody at the show who came up to see us it was great to meet every one 131 will most likely be the last event till next year We thank you all for letting us be part of the dover family


                Thank You for that beautiful restoration and bringing it to the show !!! … Awesome !!!


                    It was really cool to see the Chevamoco back to life again. Brings back good memories of Bobby and the Dover Days.


                        Glad every one enjoyed it we should be back next year. Sorry I have not been on in a while to post anything just so everyone knows we will be traveling to Detroit Michigan for the autorama at the end of February. if anyone can come there we will have the car in the basement part of the show.mthat part of the show is geared more for that tipe of car.Again thanks for every one that came out to see us at the dover reuion we had a blast


                            Randy just took these…All set Up at Detroit Autorama…


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