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      thanks everyone for making us feal so welcome to your event glad we got to meet everyone and make new frends

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        Great to meet the crew and get reunited with the car!
        Thanks for all your time and effort!!!


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          It was good to see the car there. And good to talk with you all. There are still a few Dover cars in hiding that we know about and probably more that we don’t. I hope to see more next year.



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            THANK YOU so much “Chevamoco Team” for the tireless work and the Long Haul…We WILL be in touch over the winter to make it more comfortable for you guys to come back…I’m working on that now. Dino

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              Hey Pat, What a beautiful shot ❗ 😮

              Frank… 😎

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                glad every liked the car we had a lot of fun we will be trying to take it to one more event this summer 131 dragway in michigan then back in the shop for some reapairs as it still is a race car and things break as you all know so the winter will get some needed time back with the car to make it better for all to see thanks again Team chevamoco

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                  One more thing there is now a facebook tribute page to chevamoco so look it up. any body that has stories pictures from the days it was racing share them with us lets make this a car nhra will see how important was to drag racing and the evoluition of todays funnycar

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                    It was good to see the Chevamoco back, you guys did a great job getting it back for all of us to see. The Dover days were a super time for all of us. I’d bet Bobby has a big smile looking down on one of his innovative creations, back to be remembered.

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