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        PLENTY of Forum Guys to help you out


            Here’s a weird one…I heard way after 1957, That ’57 Chevy’s were continued to be built in canada …Any truth to this ?


                I’ve never heard that but they did build the 63 Falcon in Argentina well in to the 90’s


                    😮 I never heard about the Canada thing, but I think Castro is still building 55,56,57, and 58’s in Cuba !!! 😯 😯 If you watch different news channels, sometimes they will show streets in Cuba, and they are full of oldies !!
                    😀 Mikey 😀


                        They still make El Camino’s, down under!

                            quote anthonyc:

                            I’ve never heard that but they did build the 63 Falcon in Argentina well in to the 90’s

                            Heres a picture with a “new Modern front end”


                                I’m thinking that if Billy Casey went over to Cuba, he could buy 8 or 10 “ORIGIONAL PUMPKINS”, and he’d have a whole fleet !! We could call his yard the “PUMPKIN PATCH” !!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😯 😯

                                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Started New CUBA topic !


                                    Sorry Dino, I guess we got a little”off topic”, But it sure was fun !! I’ll be good, I promise. 😆 😆


                                        😥 i just heard that gm is closing the tonawanda plant down no more BIG BLOCKS


                                            pauljbayarinas….I sure hope you heard wrong. Drag racing without the Chevy big block would not be a good thing.


                                                hope if that does come true that is does not
                                                stop GP Performance division from making the
                                                BB motors,

                                                also heard that the new Government Motors will
                                                stop making any Hi HP motors in the corvette line
                                                the talk was that maybe starting in 2011
                                                a year before the new C-7 series ‘vettes are to come out.
                                                Guess the Cadillac line wil be the new Hi-Po cars to buy..


                                                    YOUR government at work. Thank you, Mr. O. 🙁 🙁


                                                        i heard that 57 chevy,s were built mexico til 1974
                                                        ………………………………Right !I had wrong Country not Canada…Gona track that down ,,,dino


                                                            😮 I wonder if they, or any one still have the stuff to stamp out doors,fenders and stuff ?? 😕 Where does that stuff wind up ???? Mikey 🙁 🙁


                                                                If you check the chevy magazines you’ll see more and more of thesen cars parts being reproduced. I bought the r&L fenders,hood,firewall,floor from your feet to behind the back seat, new doors ,quarter panels and tailgate skin. They just released the roof for hardtop and sedan. They must be buying the dies from GM and reproduce it and kickback to GM a piece for the “RIGHTS” The Camaro is now ready to go as a complete car

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