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        finally logged in.i am going to get involved in these reunions.i have pictures of my dads 58 wagon,57 vette,black & yellow chevy nova,and the altered he drove for ronnie at speed parts center.dennis that bought speed parts is also my uncle.i have an original dover sign that i have not seen anywhere. brian will check it ronnies daughter i have original speed parts ad from 77 and a socket with his name engraved.anyway ide like to hear the stories. take care c.feola


            Hey Chris…Knew Ralphie Well…Lettered His “Honker’ ’58 Wagon in my driveway in Katonah.Wish we could find it….classic piece…348 if I remember.or ????409 ???? Oh- Good place here to get the Dover ‘terminology’ squared away. Dover “Reunion” -thats Smokey & Grover’s yearly get-together in Danbury….20 Years now, Dover “Nostalgia Drags’,the yearly real Race we run as a creation of the website’s influence..”.Dover-Fest” – yearly “social’ get-together ,concieved By Brian -our Historian. Dover 50th Anniversary …My one time Event at the Track in 2011. “Reunion” is pretty much reserved for The Smokey & Grover Show. People understandably seem to get them all confused .LOT of Dover stuff going on! Welcome Abaord !


                Brian has Chris’s photos copied and sending to Home Base here soon !

                Mail Came….See:


                    Hey Chris………..Your Dad was awesome……I have lots of good stories from the old days…Hope to see you at one of the Dover outings……………Don Kauer…..

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