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    Took the roadster down to Art Chrisman’s annual holiday party in Santa Ana, yesterday afternoon. With apologies to Video Bob, Bobby S, and all the rest, I didn’t shoot any photos. Every once in a while, I have to go somewhere and try to enjoy myself — without 20 pounds of camera hanging off my neck. And man, it felt great!

    The heroes were out in force — 92-year-old Stu Hilborn even showed up! So did Louie Senter (founder of Ansen Enterprises), who’s gotta be 90-something. And the host, Art Chrisman turned 80 just a few weeks ago. Legendary chassis builder, Roy Fjastad, has a shop just behind Art’s, so his place was in high gear, too.

    Okay, the people I actually got to speak with included: Mike Kuhl, Tommy “The Watchdog” Allen (AA/FD), Bob Sage (owns Wheelsmith), Roy Fjastad Jr., owner of Deuce Frame Company (built my chassis), Carl Olson (driver of the Kuhl & Olson TF car), noted striper and lettering master, Phil Whetstone of Miracle Design (striped my roadster), Ed Iskenderian, Pete Chapouris (SoCal Speed Shop), Tom Madigan (did the recent Snake & Mongoo$e coffee-table book), Mike Chrisman (co-host and driver of the Paso Posse Nostalgia TF car), Henry Walther (crew member on Gary Beck’s TF championship-winning car owned by Larry Minor), and even McEwen showed up for a while. I probably talked with more, but can’t remember who.

    Anyway, there were lots of high-dollar hot rods there, with a smattering of rat rods, woodies, and a chopped Merc or two. Turned out to be a good afternoon for a ride and a good time was had by all. Wish you guys coulda been there.

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    WOW what a trip back in time,
    must have been awesome,
    was wondering when you mentioned some woodies
    being there, if by any chance there was a 1928 Panel
    woodie there.
    Art and his son were part of the crew that re-did
    my old 1928 Ford Huskster panel that I sold to
    a super person who we became friends. His name was Kenny Duncan
    from Orange Calif. He passed away just before his 60th birthday in ’08.
    His wife was going to keep the car along with his Blown Hemi Willys coupe.
    Art did the motors in both cars for Kenny. He was a super person loved life
    and the cars. When you mentioned that show it brought back memories of Kenny
    and all the new work he did to the Woody.
    The woodie won the Oakland Show Jan ’08, (mod-wagon class)I have pictures of Art & his son
    with the trophie the car won, Kennies friends got the car done for him before we
    lost him to cancer.

    Something how memories are brought back to light,
    Bobby S.

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    No, Bobby. The only woodies there were original. One was a 46 Ford and the other left before I did, so I really didn’t get a look at it. You would have had a blast. It was unusually warm and when a legend throws a party — other legends show up.

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    Some other guys brought cameras . . .


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