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        Hey, Dino 69/70 What can u tell us


            Wow This site comes up with stuff to rattle your memory!!! Got A picture ? THAT was Lettered in Poster Paint on My 70′ Maverick -Grabber Yellow. Run by my Girl Friend at the time.( I was In Tower ) Maryellen Hannah from Waterbury. Met Her at The Aft North while she came in with the gang from Post Junior College.21 to drink in Ct.-19 in N.Y. Lot full of Ct. Plates …we called them the ‘border bandits” Car From Carmel Ford, first time ever I bought a new car For you old Rock N Roll followers ..I Totaled it coming back from the Glen Island Casino with only 7000 miles on it. Went there to see one off those four band night college deals -headliner was Rat Race Choir. Stuffed it in the back of a parked pick-up so hard (No Brakes) that I knocked the trucks engine off it’s motor mounts. Maybe I had “tipped the can ” a little too much that night ? would love to see that Photo ,If Ya Got one Brian. Was that Too much Information ? Ah- The Good ole days.


                Now THAT’S a crazy story right there!



                    ….Oh … I have more

                  Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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