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    Bummmer . . . It’s raining here and will all day. Big Bracket 10 grand “Ironman Classic” at Rockingham Dragway washed out. AND so is using my New Pool ! spent all day Sat…putting it together & filling .Hope they have better weather at Lebanon…question?: is the ‘Musclepaloza” for today the same one “rescheduled” from the one they always have on Same weekend of Danbury Reunion? That would be good if it didn’t ,then. this year. Great shots from the guys running yesterday.
    …………..Have noticed a “few” of our guys haven’t checked in for more than a month….? Check some of YOUR forum buddies, by clicking on their user name….and going to their profile. See when they ” Last visited ” …and shoot them an e-mail…like “Plain Busted” as an example. there’s plenty more. This IS our first Forum “Spring” and I realize everybody out from ‘hibernation’ and busy………. Our forum buddie JACK REDD…former Editor of Drag Times ,says he plans to Celebrate his 75 Birthday AT OUR Nostalgia Drags…Jack knows just about everybody in Drag racing, from then, til now ,up and down the east coast .He on the case tracking down old timers and former drag celebraties to see if they’ll show for the event and his birthday. Guess we have to bake a cake or something….Huh? ……….ALL NEW Forum Heading—-> Speed Shops From Dovers Past. Add new as a New Topic, or reply to ones we posted…..I know there is many more…….Bill Casey still in Hospital…latest at that topic…nother serious…. Back later ‘With More stuff” after this word from our sponsor ……………………………….Join ODF : Soon to feature 3000 vintage Photos in Premium Members Galleries !( 700+ IN COLOR )………Brian Has shipped the CD’s.

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    Like Dino said, drive by some of these guys home 20’s we havent herd from in awhile and roll the window down take a deep breath ,any funny smells ??? usually its the mail man that calls the cops !
    Resting from yesterdays visit to ole Lebabon Valley,car made more power than the ole M’H’s could handle,Skeet and Charlie said they herd Paul pedaling from back in their pit !
    Paul ,Crusher and Vince did a goo job puttin the motor together all the fluids stayed inside just as planned!!
    They will pull stuff apart today ,change the Royal Purple and make sure everything looks the way it should!
    Great to see Pat,Frank and sfuture son in law with his Camero,changing carbs in the stagging lanes ,dosnt get any better than that.
    Skeet and Charlie with the legendary ‘Lane Motors’ MOPAR,no sittin in a rocking chair on the front porch for those boys!!
    Chuck Romeo and son with his Camero ,looking sooo good with new paint for 2009,he even has a picture of what the old car looked like on the windshield , why??Chuck said so he makes sure he gets in the right car !!He must have walked by it a couple times lookink for his old paint job !!
    Anyone going to E Towns Nats in a couple of weeks?? Spectator side, take a walk up the bleachers,all the way to till ya run outta stairs under the BIG RED BUD sign ,if its still there,and say hi, we always have a good group of ODF’s up there mixing something up to wash the dust down !!

    Runnin outta ink,


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    Bobby S. sent this….Rain They had down there, Now in my backyard !


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    Suns out …goin in the pool….Film at 11

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    Went to Maple Grove this weekend with Billy Griffin .first time out with c/ed could not go as fast as we wanted to.were making good power just can’t seem to get the combo right. wewon first round on Sat and decided to try different gear ratio’s in trans and rear we worked til midnight on saterday changing everything.second round on sunday ran the same . so it’s back to the drawing board on monday . Mickey and Anthony did real well beating Frank Manzo in the final on a hole shot!ODF Bob Lasko went acouple of rounds in super stock .Talked to Billy Casey on cell phone an Sat he called just to check up on us.We miss you Billy !ALL in all a great weekend can’t wait till the next race!

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