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        Hello, Lee Valentine here. After Dover closed I ran at Ct. dragway until it’s closing, after which I started to follow the NHRA races and ran at Lebanon Valley. In 1980 I becme crew chief on Bob Ingles pro stock car for three years. Just about when I was thinking of quiting my son Bryan became interested in racing in stock eliminator. I built him a camaro and he did very well with it, winning the Nhra Division 1 championship and finishing number 2 in national ranking in 2002. We are still running the camaro and a mustang . I guess it’s too late to quit now so I,ll just keep on doing this forever.


            Is Bob still around. I remember his “Special Formula” Camaro pro stocker. Always thought that was a real pretty car. Got to run him at Dover in —(mental fog) late 72,
            or early 73. We both missed gears, at least I did, he might have broke something. I got lucky and coasted across ahead of him. I would have liked it to be a door to door all out, but you take what you can get. We were running the Pro Stock circuit, and WCS meets then, and didn’t get to Dover very often. Really surprised he didn’t run the circuit then. He would have done really well.


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