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        Heres Some stuff we found about Dick Moroso…Dover Veteran from the Time he drove his Vettes to the Track , Had Performance Automotive And Then of course ,Created Moroso Performance ,Now run by Rick his Son.



            I wonder if anyone has any of the old pictures of Dicks corvette when it said the “Yankee Cheater” on the rear quarter panels.

            I remember the day Johnny Kurtsman lettered it up in Dick shop on Canal Street in Stamford.

            I walked in about 9:AM and asked Johnny where Dick was and he pointed over to a corner of the shop with a pile of tires on the floor and there was Dick sound asleep after working on the car to late in the night.

            Those were the day’s I like to remember.

            Jim Hill


                Bob Ingles and I spent a fair amount of time with Dick and Hank (Mouse and Stretch) back in the day and when Dick moved to the Greenwich location next to McDonalds we spent even more time there..Dick and Benny Kauffman helped us out so much with parts and knowledge and just good time spent together…….And I have to mention Ronnie, eventually of Ron’s Speed and Sport (The Corvette Guru)…………..Who knew what an empire would grow from these beginnings….This is the crew that helped Casey a lot also and an untold amount of others……………….I sent Dino a bunch of pics and I beleive there were some of Dicks car in the package……………………….Don……

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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