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        Can you guys tell your best Directions to Track for all the new Guys that are Calling Me ?
        WESTCHESTER-Long Island
        New Jersey- Newburgh-Poughkeepsie-Kington (across the ‘river’)

        Southern Conn.
        MASS-New Hampshire

        Thanks…you guys know the shortcuts and food stops !
        just had a guy call from Waterbury…Nova ,NHRA legal -hasn’t gone to Lebanon and 30 years…forgot quick way to get there 😯


            HELLO ….Shortcuts! AND got a call from a East Coast Gasser ( Stuart-Anglia) Wanted GPS coordinates for LEBANON….don’t do that myself ..Any help here ? Also….Whats best way running up N.Y. thruway other side of Hudson? What bridge and where do you go from there?



                All you guys from the Waterbury,Ct. area!!Here ya go!!!

                Rt 8 NORTH alllllll the way to the stop sign at Route 20 in Otis,Mass.Take a LEFT follow Route 20 till you come to the entrance of the Mass. Pike (i 90) in Lee Mass.! It will be on your RIGHT!!Before you get on Thee Pike you have a Micket D’s and fuel!!
                Get ticket (its a freebee if your not towing anything) !!! and go WEST on Mass. Pike i90!!
                You have a Mickey D’s and fuel on the pike !!!
                Get off EXIT B3 (Austerlitz-New Lebanon,New York)!!
                Take a RIGHT Route 22 NORTH!!
                Follow Route 22 North alllll the way to stop sign in New Lebanon, New York this is route 20 Take LEFT WEST,follow Route 20 West to the track!!!
                From Waterbury, 2 hours with a break!!!



                    What highways or interstates have restrictions for towing or pulling trailers in New York? Isn’t the N.Y. thruway one of those? We are looking for the best way heading back south from the Lebanon Valley track.


                        Tom you would have no problem on the NYS thruway except for paying the tolls 😆 😆 😆 . See ya later.



                            From Westchester and points south: Rte 684 to the end ..It becomes Rte. 22..Follow Rte 22 to stop sign, approx 1 hr. 20 min.(New Lebanon)…Left on Rte. 20 (West) follow to track (just a short hop on the right) 🙂

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