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    Hi all im new here also. I used to race at Dover in the 70’s my cars were 1958 chev called BAM BAM ran M stock my last race with BAM BAM I was racing an old falcon , my memory tells me it was in black primer, in the shut down area me on right side of track the falcon lost control came over side swiped my car then vered off the left side of the track flipped and went down the embankment and down into the woods. It took a loader at the end of the day to get the falcon out. no serious injurys
    you can see in the picture the tire marks where his slick got drivers door . While i was helping the guy in the falcon out my family was trying to get to the end of the track in my 63 T bird and it caught fired in pits a day ill always remember. My other car was a 1963 austin healy called Austin Shaker Ran C/ALTERED class ran it a that year then sold it. one weekend i was at the scales getting weighed and for some unborn reason my car was 1000 lbs more then the usual lol so as i looked at the scale i see laying ontop of the scale bar a very large copperhead snake i said to the scale guy um theres your problem i point he looks and we both sort of said ohhhhhh s_ _ _t lol one of the guys managed to remove the snake and my car was weighed and i went racing lol ..I have wonderful memorys of Dover, I guess its time i dig out the old trophys and photos and start posting. I’m truly overwhelmed finding this site as I had no idea its was here.
    stay well be safe I look forword to becoming more involved here. thank you to all the makers of this site and great memorys . Ron Oakley
    ps i have family in NC looking for more dover pictures hope to post them soon .


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    Man oh Man Ron !!! are those WIN stickers on that car ??? !!!!! …………….tomato

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    lmao tomato
    i wish. some are dover stickers but most are other tracks. i bought the car from a guy in hawthorn ny. and did some stuff to it , ran it at dover and when dover closed i sold it for the motor and trans ect. the car had a 348 cu . ran M Stock. i had alot of fun with it alot of memorys,

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    Hi, Bought what looks to be a twin of your Healy from a guy in Harrison, I think it was…took the Olds rear for my project, and put the empty shell in my pickup. Drove to a fancy cul de sac in Briarcliff, backed up fast and dropped it in front of some suit’s mansion. Always thought it was hilarious to do that, and especially now, considering what the stockbrokers etc. have done recently…Think it may have been the same car?

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    Soooooo, That’s how that got on my front lawn!@#$%@#$%^!!LOL!!


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    Ron …Family in N.C. ? have them send photos to ME in Rockingham…will scan and send back to what address you tell me. You’re too close NOT to be at Dover-Fest !

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    LOL dubah lord knows i sold the healy to a guy in hawthorn ny who had a speed shop at that time ,he i beleave took the motor , and maybe sold the healy to someone in harrison ? dump it on someones lawn hahaha you should have drove it to dover shut down area least old timers could have peices to show haha just kidding.

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    ey dino i placed a call to my son in NC he’s having his mom dig out the album to see whats there. i also have family in putnum county who raced dover one of whom still has his 63 chev ss 409 fully restored and now a show car. and there going to look and see what pictures the family has, many racers were from ossining ny and many still there. also my son ron jr in NC says his friends father-in-law was one of the managers at dover in old days son does not know the name but is waiting for that info from his friend , ill post here when i receive all the info.
    I must say this gets more interesting by the week lol i knew nothing about this site untill this month and already im hearing from old racers and friends and seeing pictures i knew well from the past , feels good to look back at something positive.
    i havent raced since dover closed, but the car/truck building is still in the blood, I been building a 79 dodge pickup for the last 2 yrs for shows and cruises , son bob is building a 63 comet and ron jr in NC has been building chevelle over the yrs he just sold one of them. i”ll do all in my power to find photos and and let others know about the dover site Ron oakley

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