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        Cruising Around the Forum looking for something ‘else’ ,I found This By Paul C. :
        When anyone could take their street car, pop in a set of headers (Hookers if you had a little extra money), 4.10 or 4.56 gears, a Hurst shifter, Sun Tach, traction bars (remember them) and used 7” slicks (from some other Jr. Stock racer who was moving into S/S or Modified
        Production) and spend a nice Sunday racing in eastern Dutchess. Where you would be
        happy to run high 13.00’s, get a Dover class winner sticker and a trophy. Leave that
        shoe polish “T” on your front window for the whole week, and brag to all, about how you blew away the big guys.
        All this for about $25, including gas, a few burgers at the concession stand and maybe a
        beer or two at “Sam’s” across the tracks, or “Jerry’s (pink bar/lounge) on 22. If you wanted to brag, you could stop at the “Red Rooster”, and let the family play miniature golf.

        ………………………….Thats IT 😀


            Ok …Found this and thought we could get some more comments


                Nice to look back at the good ole days at Dover,but we’re not done yet! In my mind Lebanon Valley has rekindled the ambers of Dover Dragstrip for those who raced and spectated there! I know it’s not the same,still.I’m enjoying it almost as much as Dover days,especially joining up with my ODF buddies having ‘fun’ and watching them run! Life is good as they say! 😀

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