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      was at the drags at thecolbart airport in walkill ny today was put on by romars to build cars for racing prostreet andothers. and moroneys bike shop in newburg. was 1/8 mile done like pinks arm drop. was for street cars but they had good turn out people had fun. the day was for fun heads up they say they want to do it 1 time in spring summer fall nexted year. 1/8 mile not my thing. but i wish them lots of luck. one thing saw lots of young guy running maybe it will get them out to the track more ofen not on streets. yes most of us street raced in the day but there was a lot less people around then. ok guys see you at Island next weekend THEKIDD

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        Yeah…I checked it out…Registered cars only -no Real Race cars allowed. had to be pre-entered by 5 Sat. at romars or bike shop.no clocks $40 to run -$ 10 for non racers ….at least they got their jollys off ….Only problem I saw was the ad ,that invited Diesel Trucks,Import tuners,Snowmobiles,ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. …..Tell ’em to come to Island and See full 1/4. real Drag Racing….with clocks & tree.

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          you are rite not the real thing but maybe it will get a few of the kidds off the street and down to island. a few of them do go to island and the valley. the guy with the black 57 chevy is a buddy and does run nostalgias hopes to have the new mill in this week and make island this weekend. like i said im not 1/8 mile guy. its not yours or my bag but let them have their fun.

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            Saw some pics of it online (th-record.com) from local paper. Locals and kids having a fun day out. Hey, at least the term drag racing is used here in Orange County NY. There was a time not too long ago you could count drag racers here on one hand. Glad to see it’s getting promoted again to the masses.

            Bobby Smith

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