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        I think this is great what’s going on with the Dover drags. As a kid (11yrs) I would always look forward to Sundays to go from Port Chester up to Dover to watch my brother and his friend Pete Studwell, Race thier 56 Chevy. Named ‘KA-TONG’. Color was orange with flat black fenders and hood. (E/GAS) .Sometimes it would start to rain and being in the tow car, it would make for an interesting ride with the race car having cheater slicks on. I am 53 now and still remember it as it was yesterday.

        Good luck
        And thanks for a great job.

        Mark W.Pierson

        Photos Anyone ?????


            Mark just “signed On ” as a Nostalgia Drags ‘Booster” …He was 11 at Dover!……Still searching for photos Mark…have to get Video Bob up to the Attic.

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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