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        Just recieved From Ed Hosier…Fantastic Quality shots …Picked out a few goodies to share….Whole group going into ODF Galleries soon. Lee Valentine’s name on door of King Rat. Just Got Word that the Chickery & Hampe Car (Seen at last years Reunion-in original trim shown here), is going to be Stripped and restored to stock condition…Glad we have the photos !See two more at M&M Speed &Custom topic at Speed Shops heading.



            Thank you Ed for the Pic of my Vette. I had just bought a Jenkin’s/Pizza motor & the night we put it in it fell of the lift, upside down, @ my father’s Shell station (Vic’s). We all got together & 2 week later took it to NY National were it went 3 tenths under the D/MP record first pass!! Thats why the rear 1/4 looks like that.
            I think Chickery & Hemp still owned & drove the GTX in the other shot, right after they left Jocko’s and came to M&M.
            Thanks again, Rich


                YOUR VETTE ? how cool is that…I vaguely remember lettering it..Know thats My style. Have More of it ! And Since so so many M&M cars. in the collection ..we’re Burning you copy and sending it your way TODAY .

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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