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        Hot Rods And HIPPIE Vans…at Big Ed’s place….early ’70’s..another Dover ad ….sorry ’bout the coffee stains 😉 ITS OLD !



            “Paul To Bobby”…in other thread:

            Hey HVY70SS,
            I do remember Ed’s Specialty very well. The “Wacky Racer” out of Newburgh area. His shop was near Morehead Auto Sales (Ron Frost fame) and Floyd’s TNT Ignition (tuning shop).
            Ed’s black 66′ Dart (273) ran against my fathers K/S 67′ Cuda in 71′ and then in 72′ (L/S).
            Probably damn near 30 races against each other. In 73′ he went into E/MP, popped in a
            340 and tunnel ram (if I recall). Bad move, was in against Willie Harmony’s “Kandid Kamaro”.
            I think the Dart ran 12.40’s or so, then disappeared in 74′.
            We changed some body trim and converted our Cuda to a 68′, put in a 340 for 73′ and ran SS/I.
            After some tweaking, were running 12.10’s, won class trophy the last 12 weeks in a row.

            Paul Ceasrine


                Ed’s shop in th elate ’60s and early ’70’s was on 17K, which turned into Broadway. it was a little two bay former gas station that was real close to where the new “Park” motors was built. We’ve got some good stories from those days, like when I woke up the Newburgh Chief of Police riding an unlicensed, open expansion-chamber’d Maico (if I remember the brand right). He lived on the street that ran right along side Ed’s shop. Or the Puetro rican kid who was deaf; he had a Shelby GT500 ‘Stang, and almost every day he’d come flying by Ed’s, and I mean flying, with the local cops chasing him. I don’t know how he got away with it!


                    Posted this story a while back, but it’s agood story ,sooo
                    Ed’s Dart had lakewood bars. My partner Richie & I ran out of Ed’s shop,you know , parts at cost basically. Ed was trying to get us to put lakewoods on our Pro/Stock Duster. We told him he had been working on too many Chevy’s, & he needed Mopar Super Stock springs on his Dart. We got them for him thru Newburgh Park Motors, who was our sponsor. At the time Ed was running 12.2, First run out of the box with the S/S springs he ran 11.8. I was standing at the starting line when he let the clutch out. The expression on his face was priceless. He pulled about a 3 foot wheelie, which it didn’t do with the lakewoods. I thought he was going to kiss me when he got back from that run, he chased me all over the pits.


                        any one who lived in area hung at eds. back in the day speed shops and places like bills mobil was where we hung.


                            It would be great if you had some photo’s of Ed’s Dart. We used to have some but they were lost in moving. Ed was a charachter wasn’t he? What were you running back then?


                                i was running a 1961 ford starliner 390 cubes-401 hp tri power 4 speed 4.56s and 63 1/2 427 2/4s 4speed 4.56s. thoose was the days. bill

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