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        Although I am not old enough to have been to Dover in its hayday, I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people who were part of making it happen. I’ve lived about 20 to 25 min, from the track site most of my life. I remember the event fliers hanging on the wall of the “House of Speed” as a kid, in the final years of the track. I have always been a gearhead and in my travels…. around 90-91,I heard a story. Before I get into the story I heard I figured I would see if anyone on here ever knew of the guy or his cars. As I heard it, the guy raced there from 61 until roughly 67ish before being shipped off to Vietnam. I don’t have a name but he was local to either the Patterson/Pawling area or Hopewell Junction. In his early days he ran a model A with a BuicK engine, later selling it for a Willys roller that was a spare shell from another racer. That car was then outfitted with a 331, a three speed and an Olds rear. The Willys was flat towed to Dover, behind a 65 or 66 Plymouth station wagon. I am just looking to see if any of this strikes a memory chord with anyone out there or if it was just one of many tall tales. Any input would be great. I’m a diehard Gasser fan and The website is great!! Much admiration and respect to all those who were there and those who are no longer with us.
        Thankyou, Jason
        P.S. – thank you for the phone call Dino, it was great to hear from you, and I will get some new pic for you from the shop!


            Tough one …331 powered Willys towed wth Plymouth Wagon…Patterson /Pawling…IF we knew What Color ..I could search Our Big photo files But ..Lets see what the guys come up with.


                If it was a Willys, Patina should know something, i would think. He is kind of the Willys nut.Hell, maybe it was Pat 😮 😯 …………………Mikey 😆


                    Thanks a lot Mikey, I was searching the cubby holes of whats left of my mind and came up short. A clue would be the Buick powered A. Another would be the tow car 65/66 Plymouth wagon. I’ll keep searching



                        Pat Hennebery should Know that Hopewell area as would some others …Anybody got a clue ? AND about What year would this be?


                            The model A was blue, body was done by a local guy doing tops and Winfield knock-off paint in a two car garage. The car was sold in 65. The wagon was a 66 white with red interior 6cyl, The Willys was a coral color when purchased as a roller, not sure what color it became. Thats all I got. 😎
                            – Jason


                                Thats enough to do the Photo Search..I’ll do that soon..Hey -Become an ODF member and you can access & look through the 3500 photos!

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