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        IN THIS TOPIC I’LL Share What Come in from E-mails-Messages and Phone Calls.:” stuff you guys don’t see

        From: Matthew Kierstead
        Thanks so much for pulling off another–even better–Dover Dragstrip show this weekend. I was in the Top 40 show cars parade, in the red 1967 Plymouth Belvedere with all the Dover show T-shirts in the back. I have been to every one at Lebanon Valley. I look forward to it more than Christmas! I’m really looking forward to three whole days in 2018.
        Thanks again, so much, for all you do!I have a background in art, history…and art history…and am also interested in powerful–and historical–machinery: steam trains, WW II aircraft, super stock cars, etc., I’m not just interested in the nuts ‘n’ bolts aspects of the machinery but the aesthetics, design, and historical contexts behind them. Lately I have been exploring the notion of “nostalgia” in art depicting railroads. Clearly you are providing a nostalgic opportunity for the generation of guys that “were there” for the S/S racing era, and even for some of the specific guys that raced at a specific place. But it occurred to me you are also providing entertainment (more than that, also education and inspiration) to a younger generation (heck, I’m “only” 54) that wasn’t there back in the day to see the original stuff actually happening. You are re-creating what it was like. Its a phenomenal undertaking. You are to be congratulated for keeping the spirit and sensory experience alive. So thanks again for making that happen.


            Eastern Hot Rodder
            September 17 at 7:23pm ยท
            Dino and the crew truly out did themselves today… The Dover Weekend has become much more than remembering a long gone track. It has become a tribute to drag racing history! I cant wait to edit all my pics!! ~Shane ( Contributing Editor)

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