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        Congrat’s to Mickey, Anthony & team

        Qualifying first and winning in Texas. “Good old boys from Stamford Ct.” beat Tony Bartone in the final.

        Staying Alive Racing
        Fred Rodriguez


            Ditto………Congrats to our local guys………….Don………


                Here’s some ‘background” info

                Re: Dover Fest


                    I featured them in the July 2009 issue of DRAG RACER and titled it “Carting off the Hardware.” They’re capable of big numbers wherever they run.
                    Great job, guys!


                        They have really figured out the whole deal this year and their performance at the first five events of the year really show that.

                        To run in the high 5.40 at Gainsville and then to do it again in Houston shows they have really got a handle on what they are doing.

                        Gainsville was the first ever final round where both cars ran in the 5.40s in this class and they are now living in Manzo’s zip code.

                        Congradulations to Mickey, Anthony and the entire team for really getting the job done in style.

                        First Wally of the year but I have a feeling it’s not going to be the last for this year.


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