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        FIRST ….Awesome ! As the A_Team Said” I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER 😎
        OUR CREW AND ISLANDS meshed together like a big time 4-speed. WE CAN’T THANK TONY ,His Family And the ENTIRE Island Dragway Staff and workers for making it a total success. IT WAS A No Brainer To Award Tony ‘The ODF Appeciation Award”.Heres Some Quick Observations (Full Report to Follow-when I sort all the paperwork ,notes, Race Results)

        196 Cars entired….biggest elim -Dover Vintage @97!(pre-76)…unexpected 4-Speed entries ! They Really responded to this one!..and what show !Who took Home the Most Gold?…The Tom Blake Family ! Tom waded through the field and got Runner up with the Mustang !AND HIS SON WON the BIKE Elim.! PLUS He Won Longest Distance award. Bill Colemans Austin Runner -up In Comp!…Charles Romeo Winning in Dover New ! From ->WINGDALE !!! looks great on the Score Sheet. Ingersol’s Jack Christman Comet Grabbed Best Clone…Pats MG won Oldest Running Dover Car…Top Speed to Bob Hill at 181 mph in his “Bustin Loose’ Blown Fiat. Notables In Attendance ….Bobby Lagana Sr…Bud Hallock-Original Dover General Manager,Bill Hallock Ran his Amx…Victor Terenzio…Don Scinto Brought out the original Scinto -Neri camaro, Lou Centolanza Running, as was Bobby LaRegina. Chuck’s Rampage Got It ON ! ‘BAD NEWS’ AND PAT’S MG photo Op recreating 1964 line-up,on the staring Line, had em lining the fence….
        *SPECIAL THANKS TO LINDA BAYARINAS for running the Goodie Booth ,BOBBY SMITH -he was running Tech and about 10 other things- Great job as Event Coordinator, BRIAN MARASCO – my Ace Assistant and his Son Helped Too. Starting Line Photography Crew :BOBBY SCHLEGAL ,Video BOB ,and Les Madaus…Full list Of The “Good-Guy” Crew that made it Happen To follow…..TOMATO HEAD MADE IT !

        oh- too much for now…wait for more to check in …Gotta get some sleep…………Whew!


            Dino and crew, It was fantastic. How about doing it again in warmer weather and make it two days. Thanks Again. Lee 😀

                quote Lee Valentine:

                Dino and crew, It was fantastic. How about doing it again in warmer weather and make it two days. Thanks Again. Lee 😀

                😀 😀 😀


                    I heard it went GREAT!! I had dozens of phone calls from the track!! As I told you M&M will commit to next years sponsorship if you decide to have it. Don’t see how can’t GOOD JOB guys.
                    Rich & Tony
                    PS: Sorry I couldn’t be there. We WILL have cars next year!!


                        cant wait till nexted year. you did great job on this event. wife and i had great time. seeing old friends and meeting new. one maybe two of ower cars will be there nexted year. thanks linda and billy the kidd bender


                            Hey ..From a Idea ,an E-mail ,To A full blown success…YOU guys Wanted It …You Guys Made It Happen AND YOU GUYS PUT ON QUITE A SHOW…I just babbled in the tower and ran around a lot …Next year I’ll bring my bike like Bobby did ..Smart huh? Now just think how it will be when The Guys that Didn’t show AND weregoing to, show up .Totally understandable with dumb rain date and people have other committments …..New guys showed Not Expected That made up for Guys that didn’t make it -WOW


                                Dino, Et Al,

                                The ODF response was unbelievable. Hats off to Dino and all the people involved in this party. I could not have guessed that the Dover crowd would be so large. We still have the freindliest dragracers on the planet. My uncle (Bud) was in his glory. He also thought the crowd was excellent. WE both look forward to the next meet. Hopefully it will be warmer and I will have my chassis set up better for Island Dragway.

                                Thaks again,
                                Bill Hallock, Nov. 9, 2009


                                    Dino… Hope you had a good trip home … couldn’t even describe the great time I had… the day went by so fast I didn’t get a chance to see everyone that I knew was there … GREAT JOB… Billy PS. I missed the panty raid on sat. night , fell asleep 😆 😆 😆


                                        Thanks Billy…..”Had His Fred’s Speed Shop jacket on” ! 1400 miles ,round trip…tired and achy .but home Ok. SORRY I DIDN”T HAVE MORE TIME ! . . . .To talk and reminis with You and Everybody. New concept, first time at Island and working the cool guys there……IF you think (Anyone), I ‘blew you off” I didn’t mean to…It was probably ’cause something had to attended to ,right Then. Had to keep the “show” going…And We Did. 😀


                                            I’d also like to add to anyone if I was a little “short on time” I apologize. Kind of felt like from 715 am to trophy handouts was a drum solo!!!
                                            Thank God for my mountain bike. This turned out beyond Dino and my expectations. A big THANK YOU to all who raced or spectated. Thanks to Island for all the help and hospitality. Finally, to my volunteers, THANKS for all the help. It would not have run as smooth as it did without you. Trust me…wait till next year, we have just begun.

                                            Bobby Smith


                                                AHHHHHHH BABY…Get you motors Spinnin’ – this is only the beginning. . . .ALL PHOTOS TO VIEW And place to Post them ,NOW in “Any Other Photos” -muti-media section…User name and password required.If not Registered, Now is the time to do it …Plus if not for anything else -You’ll be on the “automatic mass Mailing list” for ALL dates & monthly news letter announcements.. Bob you’re THE man.


                                                    AWESOME….Dad and lil Bro!!! Hope to be at the 2nd Annual! Love yas – (Deb Blake Marsilio)


                                                        Ok fans….once I sort the giant pile of paperwork …I’ll post the OFICIAL RACE RESULTS -name- car- win -r.u. et -,mph …all that stuff.Hmmm…was my announcing that rusty …? nobody said how it sounded out there 🙄

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