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        My first win was not at Dover 🙁 ….sorry to say 🙁 , mine came at Lebanon Valley few years after Dover closed… I think it was around 1980 or 81 … was in a 68 Mustang big block car ( I Think Vinny Lyons would like this Car 😆 ❗ )and it was a long day ❗ didnt win till late night ❗ any way story goes like first round the guy next to me ran under his dail the next round was the guy next to me red lighted and then I got a bye run cause of the way the cars lined up next round ….how lucky can you be ❗ and in the finlly round the last car wouldnt start in the staging lanes 😀 so we waited till the offical waved us to the line ,made the run and took a trophy home ❗ ……….and YES a win is a WIN ❗ ……………………tomato 😀



            My first trophy was collected at Westhampton in 1962. I broke the rear universal on my 53 Merc the week before. I had to leave the car at the track and returned with the parts the next week. After repairs were completed, I got my act together and won the over the fierce competion in L/S.

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