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        Attached is a copy of a flathead dragster that was raced by a friend of mine, Dan Roper, who passed away a few months ago.
        Al Baran



            Al…What year was this?…kinda looks like the one Carmel Ford had …Maybe? It’s Dover All right …fixed the pic for ya.


                Al what year was this taken, I noticed the black area where carmel ford
                was covered up. did your friend live in poughkeepsie area,
                when I blew the motor in it I sold it to a shop up there.

                My brother got it from carmel ford
                I raced it for two seasons after we got rid of the rebel machine
                my picture in the upper corner is during my last saeason
                had a lot of fun with it.

                wish I had it now for nostalgia races.

                bobby s


                    Dan had a window /awning business here in Stratford Ct. From a timeline standpoint, he might not have been involved at the time this picture was taken. I found it in my collection and scanned it for him and he claimed he was the driver at one point. He also claimed (I hope one of you guys can verify this) that as a gag, they ran him against Gartlits with a huge head start.
                    As to some of the other guys you are looking for, Don Scinto still has an engine building shop here in Stratford. The last time I saw Tony Neri (The Ad man) he was living in Newtown, Ct. and Al Deangelis (Mystery Wyllis) had a sanitation business along with a race car fabrication business also here in Stratford. Al Bowes (Mongoose Corvette) had a classic/ muscle car sales business here localy before he died many years ago.
                    When I raced during the 1967 season in my B/SR my name was Al Baranowski. I shortened it years later.

                    Al Baran


                        I or my brother did not run gartlets,
                        not sure when carmel ford had it,
                        maybe he thought he drove it when
                        pat owned it, carmel ford got it from him
                        or maybe the owner I sold it to in poughkeepsie

                        at least we can dream,,


                            This car sure got around! got many shots with differant owners and paint


                                Guy named Pat Cramer had it too…but its been around ! …In ODF Galleies it shows up in differant colors all the way back to like 61 !

                                    quote dinotheweirdo:

                                    Guy named Pat Cramer had it too

                                    Pat went on to open Brewster Harley Davidson.Put up a real nice facility. 🙂
                                    He is now in the Lake George area(Ticonderoga).Last time I saw him,mid ’90s in Key West,he was in business as “FORT H-D OBSOLETE”.Business # 518 585-7474.
                                    I think Ron M. stays in touch with him.
                                    John 😉

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