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    Hey Frank, I had the first one, the 68….The 69 was the second one owned by 2 good friends of mine, Dave Heller and Bob Sarnelli…..My 68 went 9.97….Heller and Sarnelli’s 69 by the end of its first season was in the 9.80’s……..Jenkins , Sox and the rest were only running 9.80’s also……..Bob Ingles Special Formula and the 69 Equalizer from Flips were the 2 baddest early Pro Stock local cars….The Chevys kind of ruled in the early Pro Stock days but guys like the awesome Hemi wrench Jake king kept the Mopars up there also…….Some might disagree but I was there at every local meet and match race and that’s a fact……………………Don…………

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    This probably has nothing to do with Flips Speed Shop, but its cool story thought ide share.. So im like 17 years old, oh about 1977 or so, yeah im a youngster anyways Im working pumping gas a Power Test station In Yonkers right on Bronx River Road, i have a nice black 68 Camaro at the time, pretty much stock, In wheels this Black 40 Ford Coupe , thing sounds sweet, we start BS’in and hes diggin my car and im diggin his coupe, he pops the Hood and a BIg Block Chevy is sittin in there, big gold Moroso valve covers starin back at me.. im droolin.. its beautiful black paint and on the rear deck lid its lettered in gold leaf “Flips Speed Shop”.. hes like ” wanna go for a ride”, hell he didnt have to ask me twice! it was the first time i ever sat in a old coupe like that, ya know they’re tiny inside and its a 4-speed car!!! so were sitting shoulder to shoulder as hes blastin thru the gears down Bronx River Road, scarin the livin shit outta me, that thing had some power but i was lovin every second of it!! so he just drops me back off i cant get the smile off my face and cant really talk either..and he yells as he getting back in his car “hey, i like your Camaro we should trade” I’ll be back”.. and off he drove across the bridge. I never seen him again but whoever he was.. that moment, that time, that car…
    set the hooks…

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    Hey Bryan, I loved your story. I know your Camaro was real nice, but what a sweet
    trade that “40 Ford coupe would have been ! 🙂 I have a similar story. Back in “63
    I was hitch-hiking (I was 14)and this guy picks me up with a “54 Ford (homemade)
    ranchero, gray primer, no floor in the bed, Olds powered, 3 speed on the floor. He
    put down like a 100 ft of rubber and the car screamed though the gears. It seemed
    like we were flying. Probably because of how loud the car was. 🙂 I never forgot that
    ride and never saw that car again either. Great memories though !


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    hey Don Kauer … didn’t frank perrone (king rat) own a black 40 ford ??? …

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    Yes, Frank Perrone did own a black 40 Ford. It was a small block Chevy, 4-speed. The car was backed halfed back in the late 80’s early 90’s at C&F while I was working there.

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