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      Tony Saraceni’s Toolbox . He now lives in Vegas. His Son shot this… Tony ran out of Automobile Shop…Now Want to duplicate this (I Did It originally & forgot) …Anybody got a better copy or photo?. Gonna put on our new website


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        Dino, I don’t have a sticker but I did work right next door to Hawthorne Auto Parts in 1969. Also, I still have the 4 speed crash box, 58 lb. flywheel, linkage, and Lakewood bell-housing that I bought from Tony out of his ( Bill Davitt’s ) Duster when he switched to an automatic, hope Tony is well !
        Bob Hoffman

        ps, Dino, I remember you behind the counter at ” The Automobile Shop ” also remember one day I was talking to Bill and he just looked different, not as distinguished, he had this double chin that I hadn’t remembered ever seeing before, turned out he had shaved off his beard !

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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