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      Dino, great to see a picture of our car we’ve never seen before after 30+
      I remember the nut cases waving!
      I gotta story…my brother and I put a set of Ramchargers headers on a
      friends’ (Walt Ballew of Cornwall NY at the time, if anyone here knew or
      knows him) ;63 max wedge three speed stick Plymouth. I think our Dad was
      flat-towing our max wedge to the track that sunday, but don’t remember that
      detail today. Anyway, the Ramchargers’ headers had no flange on them to
      connect them to mufflers, so my brother and I raided the garbage can at home
      and got two empty green giant bean cans, and clamped them on the headers
      with large radiator hose clamps and off to Dover we went. Trouble was, about
      every twenty minutes, the can would burn through; and we’d have open
      headers. So we’d whip into some gas station, buy a can of oil, and in front
      of th egas station guy, dump out the oil, cut out the bottom of the can, and
      clamp it on and off we’d go, leaving them with a very puzzled look on their
      faces. I might add, back then we did literally just dump the oil on the
      ground. The further along we
      got, the less time the cans would last; ended up driving the last twenty
      minutes with open tubes again. That thing was LOUD! (But never as fast as
      our own max wedge!)

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        STORM KING hope ya don’t mind us “lifting” this form the HAMB… gives the rest the idea …hey Check in !HUH ! …”dino”

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