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        Been Awhile since we got any new topics here

        Since we are starting to get Second Generation sons, daughters ,and relatives checking in …like to hear the family participation “handed down” …..PLEASE POST YOUR STORY AS “NEW TOPIC” – not a reply to this .

        Heres one I just remembered ! …my Brother (Ted) actually raced at Dover with his old ’53 Ford while in High school (Duels-flathead-frenched olds tailights,-floor shifter) when he was 17, before I ever even went there. I was 4 years younger and was too busy with other things to care? Then he got a high school job at a drug store (Rexall in Katonah.N.Y), and actually snuck up the ’55 chevy they had lettered up as a delivery car ,to Dover ,and it looked liked a sponsored Junior Stocker.Infortunatly, non of our kids got the Drag Bug.


            Been a while AGAIN…Know there’s new sons-daughters-nieces nephews…even grandchildren Running…Photos and stories overdue! …Post as New topic.


                Dino, You forgot to mention son in laws. As you know I now run for Smokey as much as I can. I’m running his uncles car.

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