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        We sent a nice 8X10 print from Terry’s O.Shea’s Collection to the good Doctor ,showing some real Dover-Black Arrow history …Nice “Family Shot ” heres what he sent back !:

        quote :

        Thank you very much for sending the picture. Al is holding Rich, our youngest son who grew up and became a very successful circle track racer, 1st in “Dirt” Modified in the Northeast, then in Nascar. He won the 90 “Dash” Race at Daytona. After racing in the Busch series, he was Mike Skinner’s crew chief when he won the truck championship in 95. He then became Dale Sr.’s crew chief until his death. He is now Jeff Burton’s shop crew chief. That is my wife standing beside the car.
        As far as any confusion bout the “Black Arrow”, the Smrtics have it right, from my owning the car from the beginning, to the fate of the original “Black Arrow”.
        The car that they built and raced ,was sold to me, had a street hemi in it. We drove it on the street for a couple of years. This is probably the car that is being called the “Black Arrow” now.
        Rich and I saw it in CT. years ago and I did not buy it knowing it was not the original car and I would know because I know what we did to the original car to make it an altered wheel base car.
        All our “Black Arrow” stuff is parked away somewhere. Today we are more into our grandkids and World Championship miniature horses.
        My computer is real old and I’m not much into ‘blogging on the internet’. That is why I am writing to you ,rather than going on the internet

        Wishing you luck with the “Dover Drag Strip” Website,



            Planning on visiting Doc soon …will take my camera & video to do Live remote -interview and history for Big Video Project.


                Check out that photo! Doc about to make a run, Helen standing right by the car, Doc with the window out of it and his arm on the sill, and Al holding Robbie! Those were the days!


                    About the photo…… I Found it in the Terry O’Shea Galleries…THIS is why we feel by Rescuing the Terry O’Shea photo Collection (In the Big ODF gallery) …..WE REALLY have saved & can Share “The Dover Expeariance”….Terry’s Candid Photo record Shows “how it was”. Most “Track Photographers” just plant themselves at an angle to the starting line, and shoot “launch Photos’ …..Not so withTerry, he was all over, capturing golden moments for Us ….he really was a Talent. Now consider the “Doc” opening this up , not having seen it ,in all this time !…..Wow


                        lets think about this… were else does the starter babysit while your making a pass ,,, I can’t think of any 😛 😛 😛


                            Al was the greatest!
                            I know I’ve mentioned it here before, and I don’t know how many other folks let him do this, but Dad let Al make a pass with the max wedge “Storm King’ one Sunday after the races.
                            He came back with his eyes as big as saucers; babbling about ” all I did was push buttons!” It was the fastest thing he’d ever been in. He was such a good guy.


                                AS mentioned back in Nov. here…I’m getting ready to make “A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT” …he’s up the road from me and Papa smurf And I are heading there soon for the long awaited Video interview.


                                    Bill and I would love to visit doc and Helen, I know my Mom would too.
                                    Dino, please make sure you mention us to them and send our love.


                                        I sure will…We’ll have on Video …writing up a Question List now…Got any Tid-bits Guys ?…you want me to ask ? Reply here .

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