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        Hello Dino,
        Great web site and it is developing nicely. I grew up in Eastchester and I ran in C/S but never won a trophy. I sure had a great time trying. I have about 2 dozen photos that I took during the 64-65 seasons and will scan and post them shortly.

        Charlie Irving


            Hi Charlie….Thanks for letting me know about this website. It’s a great way to get back into the late 1960’s. I know that there were quite a few Dover racers from Eastchester. Thanks again…Jim Gresis


                You are welcome Jim. I have those 2 photos of your car at Dover and will mail them shortly to Dino for posting on the ODF forum. If you really want to see literally hundreds of great Dover photos that were sent in, join the ODF. It is amazing how many great action shots surfaced since Dino launched this site.



                    Charlie…I did join the ODF club today…Looked at every single photo…You have some great shots…I made a copy of your photo of “Branded”, when John Calandro owned it he lived right across the street from me…Can still hear him reving that car up in his driveway…Take care…Jim


                        CHARLIES back on the forum…had to fix some glitches in his board settings …and he told me He was gone -Vacation ? for a while.

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