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        What are you dressing up as? Father Time?


            Gee Mr. Rox how do you be a “Drag Racer” 🙄 🙄 🙄



                Be nostalgic! wear rolled up jeans….penny loafers ….put a wrench in your back pocket and wear a Dover Shirt !


                    …….. I dont have pitures right now but Iam going to be a “Pirate !! for Halloween !!! AHOE MATIE !! ARRE Walk THE PLANK !!


                        Nice Avatar….”Hey He …get off of my cloud” …twos a crowd.


                            Team SP VII will end this Halloween on a serious note. Knowing the following, we decided to go ahead with our plans to display the Super Pumpkin on Halloween:
                            …Bobby Casey called me yesterday to inform us that Our leader, Billy “Speed” Casey is going through a very difficult time with his illness. Billy and his family have requested that all his friends refrain from calling or visiting at this point. Please keep Billy in your heart and in your prayers.

                            ……………………Thanks Don….
                            Guys ,Our Buddie Needs those thoughts and Prayers…He’s Family . . .dino
                            Just Got This From Brother Bob :

                            It is all ‘one day at a time’. He’s handling it well. if anyone wishes to visit, Donna should know so she can ask Billy if he wishes to receive company. Today, members of his yacht club were coming by at 1:30.
                            He has his voice back but he is very weak and tired. He hasn’t wanted to speak with anyone but close family ,but who knows. It never hurts to try, even it is just to let him know that the gang is thinking of him. He might be up to it.
                            I’m glad that you reached out to me. Please feel free to pass this on to everyone. I would definitely appreciate it.
                            Thanks so much for being there with the rest of the guys. Please contact V-Bob. I know how much he has reached out as well.


                                I sent Billy a private message a while back and did not receive an answer so I began to suspect that things were not so good.
                                If anybody does talk to him please pass on my thoughts and wishes, I’m not sure he realises just how much it has meant to me to be in touch with him in recent years and get his stories and thoughts on the old 57.
                                Take care Billy.

                                Steve in the UK.

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