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        Here is the man who introduced me to Dover and my love of Racing – Hampton Dais Jr. He passed in 2007, but I always think about him when racing season starts and when I go to the track. GOD had blessed him with incredible mechanical skills and it was a pleasure to watch him build cars and bikes to compete with anyone

        This was the 1968 Camaro that he built about 12 years ago. This picture was taken at ATCO Raceway in southern NJ and we had a pretty decent day. At the time, we were running consistent 8.50s with it and as you can see, it lifted the wheels nicely. The last time it ran, we were experimenting with nitrous and the bottle ran lean, so it shot the piston out of the oil pan and it’s still somewhere in the woods next to the track!

        These are two of the bikes we ran at Long Island in the early 1990’s. The Blue bike on the left is a Kawasaki KZ1000, punched out to 1200ccs and was capable of running a 8.74 @ 154mph. We had to retire it because we moved to a new chassis and set up. The Red bike of the right is a street legal Kawasaki KZ900 LTD which was a terror on the streets of Stamford. In full street trim with working lights and horn, the bike easily ran 9.30s at the track and then you could ride it home. I’m the guy in the jeans and dark blue shirt!

        When spring comes, I’ll post pictures of the bike he built for me.

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