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        Well ,here it is May 10…the sites 10th (Month) anniversary….And it’s Mothers Day…Gave my Wife a pool to keep the kids occupied during the coming school summer vacation. Hey…it’s a small pre-fab above ground, but does the trick. You may not know, but I have two great Honor roll kids….Josh -11 and Nicole -9…..so I started a little late….keeps me active. Oh Boy does it ! with work, this site and them….never a dull monent ….like ,didn’t have a minute yesterday to even check in here much…installed full color graphics on a 45 ft. trailer (Big Truck type) 8 tall by the whole length ….had two helpers -took 6 hours …then finshed up at 10 last night , installing a 4 X 8 on posts ,Church sign ,by myself. …so I had a good 13 hour work day .Today – I ‘m putting the pool together. But I’m wearing my Nitromethane t-shirt ,that Bobby Lagana was so kind to give me….Confuses the neighbors big time. This coming week, we’ll be sending the final Flyer Art to Randy for the full page Nostalgia Drags Page in Drag Racer … and I should be catching up with a lot of submitted photos and things ,we’ve recieved recently ….so stand by. Remember that Big 600+ slide collection? Brian M. just picked up the CD conversion discs -I think 6 ! and will be getting them to triple our ODF Gallery Soon ! ……So WHAT DID U DO ?


            After reading your post I feel like I was on vacation.
            Be careful about burning the candle from both ends.


                Could not think of anything to buy my EX wife for Mothers Day…she already has it ALL ❗
                Me and my dog went for an enjoyable walk at a local State Park 😀


                    Well, we reached a milestone here in Kentucky today, it hadn’t rained for at least 18 hours! Really, its been raining here, and I mean hard; for a coouple of months! Race events mostly rained out, it has sucked! But not for my lawn, which was about two feet tall this morning. So Bill and I mowed all morning, with the decks as high as they’d got to try to minimize the need to rake (seven acres of manicured lawn!!) We’ll hit it again this weekend if we continue without more rain for a few days.
                    Then I washed “the Toaster”, my wife’s Scion Xb, which I drove to Chicago last week for the American Wind Energy Association’s annual convention. I felt like a pilgram in an unholy land. Wind energy is a total fraud. It’s all about money and power boys and girls, don’t let anyone try to fool you.
                    Anyway, I really gave my mower a good cleaning, after all it represents an investment that could have been the new Moser rear and 408 stroker for my Mopar!
                    Gail made awsome country ribs for Mother’s day, and topped it off with an incredible Rubarb pie, homemade crust and all.
                    Then I went upstairs and killed NAZIS on my PS2 “Medal of Honor” game.


                        Tom …your reply ,reminds me of that little ditty: . . .”Jack be nimble, jack be quick ,… jack jumped over the candle stick … …and burned his butt. Actually ,our sign business is cranking. The business owners are ordering advertising signs to beef up lost sales…..sooooo I’m grabing it while it’s hot. All kinds of stuff…Produce Stands, Real Estate Offices, Furniture Stores, a Chicken Farm, Car Detail service ,Chiropractor,even a Tattoo shop.

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