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        Met a guy at the 2009 DDS Reunion from Fla. Harry “The Hat” LaPlatte he is a nostalgia promoter and was there looking for pics of his fathers MOPAR named ‘SATELLITE’ !!Said it ran Dover ????
        His # is 561-301-6840 OH,heres a recent pic of the car that he now owns!




            Looks like job for Paul C. or Storm Kink…Mopar experts


                Never saw it. Must have been while I was in the Army,(9-65 thru 9-67). Or maybe later when we were running the pro stock circuit, or maybe in 74 after I moved to Tenn.


                    Though this car is lettered ‘Satellite’, the 1965 Plymouth Satellite (introdcued in 1965) was available in the hardtop coupe, not with a post.

                    Plymouth post car, white w/red interior,,,,,,more digging required….


                        OK 1964 Plymouth Savoy, with Hemi,,,,,,
                        Classes 1964,,,,,,S/SA
                        Classes 1965,,,,,,S/SA or A/MP
                        Classes 1966,,,,,,S/SA or A/MP

                        Photos from the 1966 Super/Stock Magazine Nationals are out there.
                        Including the popular A/FX classes,


                            Mopar man is BACK !….and on the money as usual.


                                Hello Dino,,,,,,,,,,

                                That 1964 Plymouth Savoy,,,,,,,,I wonder if that car was at the 1965 Super/Stock Magazine Nationals at York……..
                                Running S/SA…

                                In 1967, with the new classes, it would have been in SS/AA, maybe at Cecil County,,,,,,,,,,more homework to do. 😉


                                    OK,I think my dads car may have not run at Dover,The last race it went to is 1966 Super Stock Nationals at Ney York National.Ive spoken to Ed Eaton ,he said he has alot of photoes in storage,so who knows what gold may be had.
                                    We do have one ,when it was about a month old, Aug 1st 1964 at Island .The day Big Daddy set the 200 mph record.By John Durand We also have 2 from Pocono Drag lodge racing Bob Harrop flying carpet and Jack Wearst jersey duke,and thats it.The Butch leal drivin T bolt at Pocono is the one id like to find.everyone on DoverDragsStrip.com has really help as far as filling in gaps. We will be listing factory race cars and their owners on http://www.dragracehalloffame.com starts about 1960 with pontiacs all the way to 1969 Hurst AMXs so about 10 years wait till you see who has owned the most factory race cars new,stuff like that.The street racing stories and pics are going to be a hit.Connectting Hiways in N.Y is one i want to learn about,Drag strips did exsist in the city.I think 3 or more.Anyway getting ready for Super Chevy Show at PBIR in fla,APR 8th 2011 looks like its going to be a great year HTH

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