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      I was contacted by John Shuck who runs the Fairfield County Concourse in the fall at the Westport Hunt Club. This is a high end show with Pebble Beach and other rare cars. They want to put together a display with cars that might have appeared in the Hartford Autorama during the fifties and sixties, especially customs. This would be ideal for Russ Grady’s “Oriental” if someone knew where it was. Anyone know of candidates for this?

      Al Baran

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        Russel Grady’s Oldsmobile is still in Stamford, CT. Jim Torqe has it and is suppositley restoring it for Russ’ cousin.Between Russ’ lawyer and Mr.Torqe they made out with the bulk of his estate and this is all I have to say about the Oriental. Perhaps Paul Gommi can shed some light on this subject if he has any knowledge.

        Peter Maple

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          Pete & Al…I’ll check with Paul, and see if ther’es any thing that can made public or appropriate to share .Pauls not a “blogger’ ,but a great E-Mail author.

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