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        Just got This :
        I have to applaud you, Uncle Vic brought over the CD with all those pictures on it! REALLY COOL Looks like it was a lot of work to put all of that together.

        Gene Terenzio Jr.
        ……………………User Name : Lil Gene ! Welcome Aboard …Lots Of “family” History here …Check out The Terenzio “Family ‘Album ..Anthony sent us in “Historical Dover Photos ” ! Need A Terenzio car for sure at 2nd Annual Nos-Drags .


            all right gene t jr on board another racing family terenzio . how about you guys putting together a family nostalgia race style car. i got a few names how about let it fly again /the italian stallion II / only the italian way /what do you think ? or maybe the flying meatballs 😆 just kidding around cant wait till the next race. just another racing west sider born and raised right here in stamford thee italian way in the fastlane . 😎


                It’s taking so long to sell the Pro Mod, It’ll be a nostalgia car in no time 😆

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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