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    Frequented Dover in the early sixties, and again in the mid/later sixties, after I got married.

    Favorite cars of that era…
    Little Giant
    George Clark’s Kellison Bodied, 348 powered A/Mod Sports.
    A black primered GMC 6 powered Henry J that ran G/Gas
    A gold, nailhead powered Henry J that I think ran B Gas.

    You might guess, between my handle and 2 of my favorites, that I was a Henry J fan. Was building a 301 powered, straight axle Henry that was originally supposed to be a gasser, but evolved into an altered mid-build, when I decided to set the engine back too far for gas class. And then I got married and sold it before it was ever finished. Other than some low level stock class racing a few years later, my drag racing career was over.

    And wasn’t there a nailhead powered MG called the U.S. Mule? Or am I remembering that from somewhere else?

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    Welcome Henry J. It was a Hemi powered MG and yes it was the US Mule.


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    “J” …use the search feature…I put in ‘US MULE” found about nine pages :


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