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        just signed on to check out the site….nice….looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday….should be a nice time….for earlier in the day, I figured I’d just put out some crock pots of soup and chili for those that are hungry….and maybe some chicken salad and tuna with bread and folks can just make themselves a sandwich….that sound okay?.. janine


            Sounds real nice 😀 My middle name is food 😀 😀 😀 Hope you have some non-alcholic beer too ,Some of us have to drive home! 😆 Thanks …………………….tomatohead



                It’s great that you are hosting this event! My dad and best friends dad used to bring us up nearly every weekend in the 70’s- always wondered where the “adults” managed to get a drink during the break!

                I’ve always liked the area, and cars , of course. Now that I live “TwoMiles” from the old strip and your bar, I’ve enjoyed many a Saturday night @ “Genes”.

                Best of luck to you going forward, and thanks again for being the hosts this coming weekend.



                    Hi Janine, I just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality. I’m sorry the snow forced me to leave early and the way the roads were as I approached my house made me glad I left when I did. If the weather held you probably would have had to throw me out at closing! It was the first time I was down that road in 22 years. I would surely attend again Thanks again, Great Job! 😀 Jack “bossguy” Karl


                        Thanks Bossguy…it was a pleasure….you guys are certainly gentlemen, wish the weather was better…janine



                            I would like to second that. Thank you for all you did in preparing some great ( chilli was awesome ) snacks & food. I hope this won’t be a one time event. Good food, good company, what more can you ask for. Thanks again.

                            Bill Smrtic
                            Storm King II


                                Jayce’s … thanks for the good time on sat. … it’s been about 35 years since I’ve been there and it was like stepping back in time … cashed my 1st winning check there in 1967 [ runner up ] for $15.00 … I bought a round and still had enough to get home … hope to see you all again someday … thank you 😛 Billy Casey

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