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        hi everybody, finally getting around to signing up here. I run a 61 Falcon Gasser, 460 Ford Powered. The car was originally built and raced by Dan Roman from Meriden,CT. Ran mostly at Connecticut Dragway, but made it to Dover, Leb Valley and NE Dragway. He sold it as a roller in ’75. I bought the rotting corpse in ’95, restored it to it’s former glory, and have been romping on it since then. Raced with Eastern States Timing Ass’n, and currently run with NETO and EAST COAST GASSERS.
        Only made it up to Dover a few times with my buddy’s 63 Impala SS. He ran A/S and blew the driveshaft center bearing twice. We lived in Eastchester then, and it seemed like Dover was so far away!!!



            Welcome aboard !….Plenty of shots of your car in the Reunion Photo galleries, and coverage of Lebanon (Videos) …you’re NO stranger here. Plus you’re in Video Bob’s Englishtown FunnyCar Reunion footage. See you Posted in Nostalgia Drags Team Check-in …you’ll be with the rest of the NETO guys coming. Dino
            Here ya are at ’08 Reunion….photo by Bobby S. !………..



                Your Profile says YOU’RE in a Band -“Not Them Again” ! got a link so we can hear the Group?

                    quote dinotheweirdo:

                    Your Profile says YOU’RE in a Band -“Not Them Again” ! got a link so we can hear the Group?

                    Did I say Lead Singer???? I meant LEAD ANNOYER !!!!!! http://www.myspace.com/notthemagain pray for deafness!!!

                    “Not Them Again! Not Them Again! ” … they’re chanting….they must love it……oh, they hate it…..(that’s how we picked the name)


                        ………………….Wow.!…wasn’t ready for that…BUT “interesting’….He discribes their music as : “Sounds Like when you’re taking out the garbage, trip and the can spills out a bunch of broken bottles and beer cans with some old linguinni slipping down the driveway ” . . . . . . . .. Yup .. .sure could liven up a boring afternoon ! Love the Skeleton suits ! Reminds me of John Entwhistle in The Who 😆


                            this must be pat..hey there ron colantuono here cya round


                                ….guess if there name was “not them again” maybe there name should have been “band on the run” ………….Pat ya know eye luv ya …. 😀 ……….Pat you gonna finish the 57 Ford or wwwhhhhaaaattttttttttt ❓


                                    hi pat welcome this is one great site great people and there are a few of us ford guys on here like tomatoe see you at the drags billy the kidd bender


                                        Welcome nice Gasser….She looks tough… 😈


                                            Pat good to see an ole gasser revived.They were actually the ‘Godfather’ of drag cars in the begining.Modified ‘street’ rods that were ‘dual’ purpose.Driving them on the street during the week,and of to the ‘drags’ on sundays.I enjoyed seeing you run at Island Dragway with the Dover Meets,along with displaying it at the Dover Danbury Show.You did a great job restoring it,and I’m sure your happy with it’s performance.


                                                Hey Verminator…..I’ve seen your Ford at shows and It’s a very impressive ride……….If you had that Gasser when you lived in Eastchester (with the special Dover Eastchester rules) you would have run N/Stock… 😆 😆 😆 Welcome aboard………Don…..


                                                    Hi Pat…! Love your Gasser..! Looking forward to seeing you and the East coast Gassers a lot in 2011..!



                                                        hey verminator……ever run into frank from granite springs garage(friend of mine) or chris rini(BIG time NMRA racer now) fro chris’s automotive in carmel..?? good guys who are still deeeply involved in racing.


                                                            oops…make that NMCA…not NMRA…

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