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        hi my name is Shawn. first would like to start off by saying unfortunately I was never able to see the dover drag strip, I have only heard stories one of it. Im probably one of the few of the newer generation in Dover that is interested in drag racing. Im currently own a 95 camaro which is no longer running due to me blowing the headgasket. Im new to working with American vehicles i more educated in imports. But im here to hopefully learn more and carry on a tradition.IF you want to know more or have any questions feel free to ask


            Hey Guy Welcome aboard ! You’re from the Northeast I see…(little Dover CSI there)…plenty of Forum Dover guys all around you ! Just Holler ….got plenty of help here. Order Up! One Head gasket and Help to install !


                Hey BxDragon. I’m dinotheweido’s son. He was the anouncer at the Dover dragstrip. But I’ve never been there. I’m 12. But like dinotheweirdo said there is plenty of Dover guys here! I hope you like it!


                    Hello Shawn….Nice to have another member on the site. My stepson was into the tuner, shine and show scene for a few years. He has about 3 or 4 dozen trophies, including 6 footers from the Nopie Nationals for”Best Graphics In Show”, and another for “Best Mitsubishi In Show” He finally quit the shows, saved some money, and likes life a lot better. 😆 😆 If you need any tech assistance, you are on the right site, lots of knowledge and humor at your service. ! 😮 😮 😮 😯 Mike(mikey)McDermott 😆 😆 😆


                        How did you hold it ?? 😆
                        Welcome to the BEST Drag Racing site on the internet !! You will find that everyone here is a GREAT bunch of people and you will hear some really good stories. We won’t even hold the “FOREIGN” car thing against you.


                            lol thanks guy i appreciate it the warm welcome im going try to finsh getting the exhaust manifold off this week so i can get the heads to a mean shop. but i am defiently hear to learn more and hopefull this summer i will be able to come to the dover drag strip meets. Im hopefully going to put together a track day for the another site and you guy are definitely going to be invite . it will most likely held at Lebanon valley . i will keep you guys up to date and i will post pics om my car as i get to run again


                                Your Right. Hey did you see the post about the second big get together we gonna have. I didn’t come to the first one. School gotta do it.


                                    Joshua , you can play hooky and come to this event , just tell your father I said it was OK 😀 😀 😀 Billy


                                        BILLY ! he’s Talking About Our Nostalgia Drags …JUST might Have to Recrute him to help…He can be the DJ. Hope Bxdragon gets that thing running…NO tuners at Dover events .You guys can hook up and help him at early Lebanon events.


                                            ok update . i wont have to put it together the drag strip day.the other site im on has put one together and it going to be 70 dollars to run it and you should get in quite a few runs in. i will update you on the time and it def going to be Lebanon valley. it going to be fun


                                                it be me or do he kind talk a little weird got to show he where the period be at so not run sentance to next one

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