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    Ron Morehead is best know to Dover guys, by his “Tiny Tim” Stock Elim. champion Volvo that won a record 13 straight Wins. He still has the car and will bring it ,and his son’s race cars to Our Nostalgia Drags. Click Here for more:

    Lately though , you’ll find him and his sons running the family dealerships. Both his sons race and Ron takes a nice ’68 Vette to local shows.
    His website : Says this :

    Welcome to HONDA OF KINGSTON, we were started in 1992 by the Morehead Family. The Morehead name has been around the automotive industry since 1947. Mr. Morehead started as a farmer in Marlboro, NY to help with the financial needs in the winter time he started selling cars off of the family farm. His first vehicle he sold was a model “T” ford that he sold for $15.00. What started out as a part time job evolved into a full time career. In 1947 Mr. Morehead opened up Morehead Auto Sales at the “Windmill” in Middlehope, NY. Through the years his business has grown and now there are three dealerships under the Morehead Family Name.

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