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        Well after a couple of morning meetings I got over to the Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend. It’s not three miles from my shop In Bowling Green. I noticed while in line that the car behind me had some guy in it with a Dover tee shirt! Turns out Cullyflower had flown in from Jersey for the meet. Nice guy, we hung out for the day, talked to a few folks. A guy in line at the consession stand turned around to Cully and says, “I raced at Dover”! We asked him what and he said street roadster. I gave him some flyers; but he seemed preoccupied with slow service and we didn’t get to talk to him anymore than that. Hopefully we/ll see him on here soon.
        It was stupid hot, I’m pretty sore from just getting back to working our and gettting some of these pounds back off me (gotta be in bettter shape to race!) so I split before the cackle fest. I’m sure Cully’ll have some more to add to this when he gets home.
        I really only went there to talk to a chassis guy from Indy (Rooman on the HAMB) about doing my “speed sport” clone. Next year I’ll have a swap meet space in the woods where its cool and anyone else coming down will be able to use it as a “home base” to meet, rest and refresh.


            The heat was the worst at this years reunion. Saw the ambulance haul out several fans each day that the heat got to.
            Friday wore a Dover shirt and didn’t get any response saw the Greek and Big Daddy was there too. Saturday entering
            the track had four lanes to choose from and pulled in behind storm king. Saw a Dover decal in the back window.
            Had a good time walking around with him checking out the pits and going through the street rod area. Cacklefest was
            good this year with over forty cars. I hope the street roadster guy will get on here. He says he has lots of pictures
            so it would be nice to see some of them.


                Let’s have a look at what you’re talking about: :mrgreen:

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