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        The Nostalgia Drags Are Now History…..But Many Don’t know HOW it ever came to be . Heres a little Refresher – Notice the Dates And WHO STARTED IT ALL !:

        by HVY70SS on Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:33 pm
        Hey Dino & Tomatohead,
        Great idea for this season having nostalgia drags!! I race at Island somewhat often on Sundays. Sooooooo….after reading this idea last night I immediately sent an email to Tony with a request to do have an event there. I will report back ASAP. If it happens, I’m there!!
        Bob Smith

        “This is a copy of the e mail I sent Tony last nite : Monday , January 19, 2009 8:51 PM Tony my name is Joe DiNardo Jr. I live in stormville NY .I have raced at your track since 1997 the first time I went there, I runnered up in trophy modified and got a trophy and 10 dollars, I still have both. Anyway I first raced at Dover Drag Strip in Wingdale in 1975 and 1976 and then it closed. The track announcer from 1967-1972, Dean “Dino” Lawrence has a new website http://www.doverdragstrip,com ,if you want to check it out ,there is a topic “1st Annual Dover Drag Strip Nostalgia Drags” and there is a bunch of guys, me included, that wanted to have a “Dover Meet” and more then one person thought that Island is more like “Home” to us.What would you say to all of this? ”

        by dinotheweirdo on Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:59 pm
        ISLAND DRAGWAY INTERESTED ! just talked TONY… he called me !…

        …………….The rest is all here >


            HERES A Quick OVERVIEW of “HOW IT CAME TO BE” . . . .

            TONY Agreed to “Let Us USE the Track” on one of his regular Test & Tune -Gamblers race ‘off’ Days…At Regular Rates to enter .First it was Sunday Oct 18. We would Provide everything For Our Race..Ads-Plaques-flyers-Decals-Promotion administration-planning-crew.And Basically Be our Own Race “Unit”. He offered to supply the Race Trophies -Cool! Much As A club runs a Car Show. Full run of the property .WE had NO money to pay for all this….I almost feel over when I got Printers Quotes ,but was determined to put out quality stuff.Unknown costs such as shipping of Flyers cost over $150. alone to our guys (14) all over the northeast to hand out at shows. To finaince all the costs…We called and e-mailed literly hundreds of prospects to see if they would lend support. Most were kind of “Leary”..a little stand-offish” to our Crazy idea. They never heard of such a thing.Those that Agreed are listed in the Sponsors-Boosters Topic heading….THOSE people And Businesses are Forever in our Gratitude OR it just wouldn’t have happened. DRAG RACER Magazine (Randy) -MOROSO -M&M Speed & Custom And City Carting (Anthony Terenzio), Laid the Foundation To move ahead OR …we couldn’t go On. Some Forum Members donated -and we got some Associate Sponsors …But I’m sure that will change now ,Allowing us Greater freedom to ADD some more Features.”Features” -Cost Money. We had the Rain-out and Most don’t know all the two days of scrambling that went on, to reschedule and get the word out. I hit about 30 forums and numerous websites plus tons of Phone Calls. Bobby Smith And I for months were working behind the scenes fine tuning details you guys knew nothing about.(Bobby -Please post Your “helpers”-Great Job!) Brian Marasco and a some others were constanly coordinating other things. Tony took a giant gamble ,considering he had the track repaving expense planned and had suffered a terrible year with cancellations ,as did all tracks.No expected income .He Rained out again the following week! Well …We have a great team we can trust -along with a great TRACK CREW at Island and Have pretty much made history. Please Send a E-mail To Tony ( ) With A big Dover Thank You!- lets jam his mail box !We Are Going to, as stated elsewhere ,produce a Video of the Race. In That package will be a complete “Program” & race report ,with all the details and Principle players listed. Big Plans for RACE 2 …stand by for the latest as we get it.



                A big THANKS goes out to my volunteers at the Dover race:

                1. June Bleakley and family…helped wherever needed WHILE running a car at the race.
                2. Anthony Caperelli and son…excellent job w/parking and at the gate.

                Also, thanks to Brian M’s son……helped the goodie booth like it was his JOB!

                Bobby Smith


                    ……………………The Topic “1st Annual Nostalgia Drags” was Then “Born” . . . . BUT if ya want to go back futher for the ‘seed’ of a “Dover guys Race” see : “Stormville Airport Concept” ….Click Here (Oh-you’ll need a cooler and a bag of Chips) …That was when we started to get serious….that topic got ,well, just a little weird…you’ll see .



                        Two cogs in the 1st Annual Dover Drag Strip Race wheel !!
                        On our left is the self appointed highly appreciated curator of all that was Dover and is Dover Drag Strip past and present Brian “hey, I’m commin down to look at your Dover stuff,NOW” Marasco and on his left , lets give it up for Dino “attention in the pits and other parts of your body “Lawrence,on the starting line of the infamous Island Dragway !!!!BOOOOOORAAAAAAA!!



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