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        There are a number of topics here on the Forum all intertwined about the Dover Drag Strip Nostalgia Drags …We have 4 main topics now….One for each year. But there’s some others that document the actual concept to reality. Those 4 main topics will give you the pre-race planning and discussions of each year along with after race event photos and results.This first Topic In particular (If you choose to read the whole thing) is the REAL seed to what is now going into it’s 4th year:


        THE other associated Topic Is:

        First one is kind of long …So heres the Readers Digest Condensed Version:
        Dover Guys ARE racers…They all got together here on the Forum and voiced thier desire to RACE, not just go and sit at car shows.But Where? the Track was tore up so The Stormville Airport was a first choice.Nope can’t happen there So a couple of guys E-Mailed Tony at Island with the Idea to have’ A Revival of Dover’, Race . He Agreed and we did two there,then moved the show up to Lebanon. Last year we had over 300 cars in competition,A Fantastic relationship was made with the Track operators and we added a Car Show with the assistance of the Cap Area Rods.This year the show will be on Sunday as Saturday was deemed not the best for participation. Now The Main Differance with our ‘Nostalgia Drags” and other Period Correct events, is It’s Primary purpose ,is to be a DOVER Revival And Get -together “Its All About Dover”.Thats Why we have a “Dover New” eliminator to include all the Dover Veterans that are Still Racing with their Current Car and not exclude them with a year Break.What is so fantastic about the forum interest and The Race popularity ,has been the generation of Dover Guys Building-Finding-restoring and Digging out their actual old Dover car to be together again .Whats also interesting is the 15 year range of Dover Operation that has Fans and Racers ,Meet & Greet ,some not seeing each other in 37 years….All with A common memory ….I went To Dover.We invite Everyone with A passion for the Old Days to join us and race or show…..Lets break some records this year.

        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We Can’t Thank Our Sponsors Enough for Making this idea reality each year.And All you Racers And Fans that help us spread the word and show up ,make it all worth the effort.I do the best I can to coordinate things fron home base here in N.C. and make the trek each year up I-95.See ya at the Track ! and remember… You Make It Happen


            Just To Get Ya pumped for this year AND IF you’re on Facebook…This is probably THE BEST Photo Collection From Last Year

            Les ………Thanks!



                Dino,you hit the nail right on the head! Every ODF should see this! Excellent display I must say ❗ ❗ ❗


                    Nice collection of pictures, I even saw a few of “Papa’s Toy”. I sure will miss the people and the different things that will be going on, but I’ll be ready for the 5th!! Good luck to all you competitors, and all the attending ODFs. ………………Mikey 😥 😆


                        Mikey,for sure we’ll see ya for the Dover 5th! Meanwhile,good luck,and have fun at the local strips,down by you! With you doing all the mechanical work on your Willys this past winter,reliability I feel,will be a ‘sure’ thing my friend; you did it ‘right’!…Pete.

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