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        That was my dad. I know where he is, unfortunatly, and that is the Wappingers Rural Cemetary, I lost my dad in 2002.

        I know my dad raced and won at Dover, as I have one of his competitor’s passes, and at least one trophy. I have no photos of his car or him at Dover at all. I would really like to!

        I know he raced a red 1955 Chevrolet there, he may have raced other cars as well. Anything at all would really be appreciated. I believe he raced in the classes where the cars were mostly stock, as I’m pretty sure he drove the car to the track, or at least on the street. My mom can’t remember if the car was lettered or not.

        If anyone here raced against him, I would like to hear about that too, or any stories of in the pits…Anything! I don’t know if the track records survived but if there are any that include him I would appreciate that too.

        I never got to see Dover, as I was born in 1984, long after the track was gone.

        Here is my dad’s pass:

        And this is a photo of my dad, Rich Kingsley, in 1970.

        PS, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place, this seemed like the right place to put it.

        Thanks for any help anyone can provide, Billy Kingsley


            You Did Just Right …Billy …I’ll Check the Photo Vault and If we Dig up some Red ’55’s …how will you know if it’s his car ?…Plenty of your Area Racers on here …Good Bet they will add their input . Watch & see !


                Any Help Here Guys ? Billy …Did he always live In or Near Wappingers ? new guys coming on all the time

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