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        Hey Guys,

        You remember the 1/8 mile in Islip LI. They used pull in some good size crowds. Some of the Dover guys raced there.

        Andy Panessa



            I used to race Islip back in high school . If I remember correctly during the summer months they ran on friday nights … I ran my 49 ford N/S 😈 flathead . I won my 1st trophy there in 1963. I remember showing it off in school as if I won the Indy 500… 😛 😛 😛 Billy


                Billy , it’s Bob McArthur ,I can remember your 49 , it was flat black and i would see it parked in Crestwood and think “what a Hot Rod”. Then we won.t talk about central ave.
                I never made it to Islip went to Westhampton a bunch of times.
                It was so good 😀 😀


                    A few photos




                        Thanks Andy…Forgot about good ole Islip…If ya planned it right ,you could go to the beach too!..It was 1/8th mi.?


                            Billy C. a friend of mine ran Islip and Hampton with a 49 Ford in N/S also I think it was a white 2dr. sdn. you have any pictures maybe.



                                Pat .. no i don’t have any pics , but i think i do remember that car . we ran islip on fri. westhampton on sat. he beat me almost all the time at islip , but i beat him most of time at west hampton. his car was much nicer then mine . on sundays i raced at dover and ran against a 49 ford coupe named Baby Tork , i never beat him . protested him one sun. and never saw him again …Billy


                                    We used to run Islip on Friday nights with the’63 wedge car. Art Dury wasfrom Queens and had a lot of customers on the island, mostly roundy round guys.
                                    Used to change the rear gear to a 4.89 or a 5.13 and then back to the 4.56 to run Dover on Sunday. Once ran a match race against Billy Flynns ’65 injected car-split the first 2 rounds and “lost” the third.


                                        Gramdog1 hello… I new Bobby Gallager , The Rickman bros, Larry Nutson , Richie Klatt , and Jay Broderick fron Gramatan Dodge . I worked for Charlie Castaldo in 1968 at his Hunts Point yard .. he still had his 55 gasser back then . the guys in the shop used to really bust his balls on monday mournings when I beat him with my ratty lookin 57 … 😆 Billy


                                            I used to race at Islip with my 27T. I found a picture of it on the internet. The first time I was ever on a track, an altered T-bird went down before me and wrecked. When they cleaned it up I remember the starter saying “ok kid, you’re next.”
                                            That was a scary feeling.
                                            Al Baran



                                                We had a dodge with a hemi. Bernie Shacker made our roll bar, Toms Speed Shop in Lindenhurst donated the slicks and his garage to work in. The car was given to us without a key. So in order to start it we had to jump the solenoid. To raise the front end we stretched out the shocks and welded them. We would tow it out to Islip with a chain. First time out we failed inspection. Next time out, got to the start line, primed the carb by pouring a little gas in the carb, I spilled some on the manifold, I was nervous. Jumped the solenoid and a spark ignited the spilled gas. Like an idiot I tried blowing it out, guy ran over and sprayed it with a fire extinguisher and motor died. Couldn’t get it refired, towed it home in defeat. This was our only outing, in early 70’s.

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