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    I was a competitor from White Plains in the early ’60s. Pit man for a Blue 62 Impala Convertible and later for my personal 64 “F” stock Catalina. The Mustangs being 1,000 lbs lighter would get me on top end so I got a set of 3.90 gears…..and I still got ’em….in my toolbox, even though I sold the car in late ’68! I remeber the guy at the Sunoco station in Brewster who would “break the seal” and sell you just the blend (it was custom blended from 200 to 260 then) before heading in on Sunday morning. I worked later on with Vic Ferris at Curry in Scarsdale where I met Vic’s friend Larry Labriola from Eastchester. I see sadly that both of them have been memorialized on your web site.

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    Welcome to the site J. I lived in Eastchester and knew Vic and Larry also. Another popular racer from town was Tom Iorizzo who also recently passed away. All 3 frequented Bobby Lagana’s shop on Brook St. All passed way too young. Join the ODF Club and gain access to some major photo collections. Years and years of memories. Enjoy

    Charlie Irving

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    Welcome ‘J ‘….Video Bob -our “greeter” will check in shortly.

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    Welcome J,

    My wife is from Eastchester and I used to street race those guys up on RT 22 after I would drop her off back in the late ’60s.

    Enjoy the memories here.

    Andy Panessa

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    Gadd Zucks J Zucks another probable son returns home ,DINO ,kill the fatted lamb , make table for the feast!! let the home comming begin!
    Wecome home ,got pics?, we know you got the 3.90’s lets have some picsof that ole tool box!!
    Got friends that you raced with , friends you raced against? get’em on board with the crew of the SS Dover !!!
    Join ODF, the most fun you can have with you’re cloths on !!

    ‘V’ Bob

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    Yes, I knew Tommy also. I worked at Curry Chevrolet for a number of years. I was really saddened by the death of Bill Dessauer in 1999, a workmate from Curry and a classmate from Stepinac. I used to patronize Dino and the Paramount Barber Shop on Brook Street. The racing shop was just down the street. I can’t remember the name of the Eastchester Chevrolet Dealer?

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    I think I remember the Eastchester Chevy Dealer being Oak Hill Chevrolet.

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    Yes, the dealership was Oak Hill Chevrolet, right across the street from the Waverly School on the White Plains Road. I think you are talking about the barber shop on Brook Street near the White Plains road also. There was and still is a barber there named Guido. He started the business with a partner in the ’60’s. My old friend Bob Alamprese still gets his hair cut by Guido, some 40 odd years later at the same place.

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    No Grover….I lived on Battle Hill….Odell Ave was in the Highlands (?) Had some cousins that lived up top of S. Lexington….

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    Paramount Barber Shop….yes its Guido! We took our pre-induction physical together down at old Whitehall St in NYC!

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