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        Anybody know of Jeruse & Kilmartin. I forget thier first names. They bought Herb McCandless’s, Sox & Martin built Dart Sport. We ran against them on the Pro/Stock circuit. But they were at Dover in early “73”. I think they were from Conn. Yellow & Red, Hemi, Lenco, ran 9.20’s at Dover.


            Stormduece …on the trail of late 70’s photos, missing many from this time. Hoping Keith Cyr will fill in the gap.


                Hello I know who your asking about Jeff Keruse and Jim Kilmartin both from Stamford Conn ,don’t know where they are now I thought Jeruse had a cuba built by Sox & Martin ( he had the money) Reguards Rich Roberts B/S 69 Chevelle raced 70 till close


                    Funny how things just pop back in your mind. I had totally forgotten, until just now. J&K had one of those big crew cab duallies that they bought along with McCandless’s car. It was a monster. They had to take the turn lane once down in Pa. to keep from rear ending our truck, when they couldn’t get it stopped at the bottom of a hill. When I moved to Tenn. in 74, I sold my truck to them. It was a 71 Ford 3/4 ton with an extended chassis & a 22′ box. It had a sleeper( not by today’s standards ) you crawled through the back window of the cab into it. Had a 360 auto, air, am/fm, 2 fuel tanks, a water tank for cool downs, and a dry ice freezer. We had the coldest drinks at the track. We used to go to KOA between tracks. One of us would get the sleeper, the other would get the front seat. We’d roll the car out on the ramps & wax it, run the valves, set the clutch, basically be ready to go the next morning. There would be a crowd of campers around it.
                    J&K were good guys,lost track of them after moving. Most of the guys on the pro stock circuit were OK. It was a big family outing every weekend.

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