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    He just called too! …Lives in Somers,N.Y. He’s an Advertizing writer…Ran the Green Camaro with white stripes…Worked for Mattoni (who’s now in Texas) and in with Bob Ingels. More when he gets a chance .He posted this at another topic in case you missed it:

    “OMG – I can’t believe it. Just got an email from Richie Mattoni telling me about this site. I’ve been overwhelmed looking through the photos and seeing all the familiar names. Very cool seeing Richie’s name on the side of Bob’s vega-particularly ’cause I put in many hours working with Richie and helping/watching Bob. I’m Jim Mazzola, Loyal Dover S and S/S racer and 10 year employee of Richie Mattoni’s Professional Machine. We built a lot of engines for Dover competitors, and I’m looking forward to cruising through the site to see the cars and reconnect with old friends. Thanks for this!”

    jim mazzola

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    Hey Jim, Welcome to the site……Always wondered what happened to you……..Hope all is well……….AND Richie!………….So good to hear both of your names after all these years……………Don Kauer…………

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    Hi Jimmy , Billy Casey here . Do you still have the Willys coupe , supercharged small block if I remember correctly.. Billy

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    Hey guys,
    Great to see you here. Hope all is well with you. I talk to Richie all the time. He’s living in Texas an doing well. No I don’t have the Willys any more. Sold it in March of 2000-a not-so-smart move of mine (One of my other great moves was turning my 69 Z 28 into a race car. Then painting it white. Jesus, what was I thinking?). Anyway once a gearhead, always a gear head: I have a 54 Studebaker 2-door wagon pro streeted with a big block sitting in my garage. With three young boys, I don’t have any time to work on it, so who knows if it will ever see the light of day. But it’s cool anyway. Looking forward to catching up with more Dover racers. Thanks for posting and talk to you soon.

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