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        Jim popped on this morning with a bunch of others (See last page of ‘members’) So Check this out …He operates the Country House in Patterson New York. BUT ran with the Chaffery Bros out of New Rochelle in the sixties. A/S ,B/S and even AA/FD.Got to talkin And he’s got this cool ‘hot rodded’ catering Truck WITH authentic pinstriping by his and our ‘old friend “BATS’. Lives up in Sherman ,member of Candlewood Corvettes and is a ‘prime’ Food vender candidate for Our 50th anniversary event .Catch him with his Vette ,at the Harlem Cruisiers cruise at the old Diner in Wingdale or look for his Food Truck….”Appearing This Sat at Memorial Park in Patterson ,for the Battle of the Bands. STILL Has 4 Dover trophies in his Restaurant office and is searching for photos. said it before….small world. http://www.thecountryhouseonline.com



            I hooked Jim up with the site last night at the cruse at
            the old ADAMS Diner, we were talking about dragsters and stuff he mentioned the AA/FD
            so I mentioned the site he said he was gonna check it out
            KOOL welcome to the fun group Jim,


                Jim sent this:
                love the site brings back a lot from the past, good time Thanks for posting me on new guys and also for posting my restaurant, The Country House restaurant & lounge, in Patterson, New York
                Jimmy T

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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